NOSS and Curriculum Function


NOSS and Curriculum function will facilitate application of a unique method for accreditation of non-formal TVET curricula to ensure the concurrence of the existing curricula with international standards and further helps the required process for development of curricula in the country to be consistent and unique.

The main propose of this function is directing technical and vocational education and training in accordance with pace of technology and increasing complexities of workplace.

NOSS and Curriculum function will responsible for the following tasks:

  1. Improve and enhance operational modalities of NOSS and Curriculum department under the DG Skills Development.
  2. Develop NOSS and Curricula for all market-oriented occupations with close consultation of industry and private sector. Meanwhile, there are around 187 NOSS, 35 Curricula and 5 Learning Materials developed by MoLSA.
  3. All NOSS and Curriculum developed for the non-formal vocational training programs will be approved by the TVET Commission.
  4. The CBT curriculum document will be used as a reference document for developing learning and instructional materials, assessment activities and criteria, and evaluating the effectiveness of training and learning process.