Registration and accreditation forms an integral part of quality delivery of non-formal vocational training in MoLSA the absence of a well-planned quality assurance systems means compromise on quality delivery of vocational training programs.

Registration of VTCs is undertaken by the General Manager (Mudiir Umomi) of VTC coordination working under Directorate of VTCs. The registration process is optional particularly for private and NGO providers.  Registration under the VTC Coordinator documents only basic information of VTCs to serve as source of information rather than purpose for quality assurance where standards are set for attainment prior to registration approval.

Accreditation does not exist for any aspect of the non-formal vocational system yet. The introduction of accreditation in the system will help improve the delivery of non-formal vocational training. Accreditation will be introduced at incremental stages as agreed with General Directorate of Skills Development. The R&A functions will be;

    1. Review and revise current process for registration of VTCs under the Directorate General of Skills Development
    2. Develop and introduce registration and accreditation standards for non-formal vocational training providers, trainers, Assessors, verifiers and programs  
    3. Development registration and accreditation instruments and tools with clearly defined processes and procedures. Provision of support to the training providers for compliance and understanding of the requirements, process and procedures of accreditation
    4. Introduce mandatory registration and accreditation of all providers, trainers, assessors, verifiers, and programs in the non-formal vocational training system