MRSD Project Description

Project Name: Technical Assistance for market-responsive skills development for employment generation, workforce development, and as a preventive measure against irregular migration.

Initial Situation: In 2015, irregular migration of Afghan origin to the EU reached an unprecedented level of around 213,000 persons, making Afghans the second largest group of migrants and asylum-seekers arriving in the EU. The main push factors for irregular migration from Afghanistan are the deteriorating security situation, compounded by a deteriorating economic situation with limited employment opportunities, especially for young people. The Government sees lack of market driven, certified skills demanded both nationally and internationally as a key obstacle to generating employment opportunities at home as well as to ensuring effective, regular migration of Afghan workers to labour destination countries under decent work conditions. Therefore, the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled (MoLSAMD) is inevitably in need of capacity enhancement measures such as leading market-driven informal skills development programmes, promoting entrepreneurship, jobs creation in emerging economic sectors, developing and implementing a comprehensive Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) focused communication strategy as well as regulating and establishing a safe mechanism for regular migration.

Objective: Afghans receive better skills through non-formal vocational training, have better labour market access and improved job opportunities as an alternative to irregular migration.

Procedure/Approach: To support and build the capacity of MoLSAMD regarding vocational training, better labour market access and improved job opportunities, the programme conducts a Capacity Development Needs Assessment and develops a Capacity Development Plan. Furthermore, it supports the MoLSAMD to adopt and implement adequate Labour Policies as well as in establishing a quality assurance function.

The programme improves the coordination of stakeholders in the TVET sector and supports the MoLSAMD in the implementation and coordination of Vocational Training at the field level (being implemented through various implementers) by developing sound plans of action and enhanced quality of services for re-integration of returnees through improved jobs opportunities and market access, in particular coordinating with the EU supported "TVET – Skills Development Training Programme".

Moreover, the programme coordinates the Framework Development Group to focus on development of curricula and design of trainings. Based on baseline assessment, it guides review of existing National Occupation Skills Standards and Curriculum and develops a record keeping mechanism.

Client and Financer: European Union (EU)

Political Sponsor (executing agency): Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MoLSA)

Overall Term: 2017 – 2020

Project Number and Cost Centre: GIZ-PN: 1967.3047.7 / KST: 53523

Contact Person at Ministry:

Contact Person With GIZ: Mr. Abdoulie Jallow,