Mohammad Khalid Walid

Director of Curriculum and Standard Development

Mr. Mohammad Khalid Walid is born in old city of Kabul in 1344, graduated from Istiqlal High School and studied economic faculty, management and entrepreneurship, in Kabul University. Now he is working as director of Standard and Curriculum Directorate in Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, he is involved in overseeing and supporting standards and curriculum development based on Afghanistan National Qualification Framework (ANQF) for the market driven occupations. Furthermore, he is providing the required technical support to ensure the quality of vocational trainings in government, private and NGOs Vocational Training Centers. Mr. Walid has worked as an instructor and department head of Post and Parcel in ICTI, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology for five years and before that he has worked in key managerial positions of Post and Parcel directorate for seven years. Furthermore, he has worked in different positions of management, financial and human resources departments of Minsters’ Council. He is a committed person and has lots of achievements during his work period. He has obtained material and spiritual rewards from the mentioned departments.