TVET Commission Background

In late 2018 the Ministry of Labor and Social affairs decided to establish a temporary TVET Commission (TC) with specific Quality Assurance functions including Registration, Accreditation, Assessment and Certification. The TVET commission aims to produce quality-assured workers by making the delivery of TVET in MoLSA VTCs compliant with the industry standards.

This commission is a prelude to the establishment of a national TVET Board for restructuring and modernization of education in Afghanistan and it is a cornerstone of the proposed Afghanistan National Qualifications Authority (ANQA) the act of which is under review in the Ministry of Justice (MoJ). The President’s Office is currently in-charge of this process and the MoLSA is aware of the vast number of labour force coming out of the Non-formal vocational trainings that need recognition through certification.

This represents a clearly defined step in the process of reforming Non-Formal TVET sector under MoLSA and its development partners engaged in provision of skilled workers in Afghanistan.

Capacity building program is a pre-requisite for all functions of the quality assurance system and includes training for trainer-assessors, master trainers, master assessors, managers and administrators of the system; this is an inherent success factor of the reform process.

The assessment and certification of the non-formal trainings and will provide necessary guidance and capacity building support to the non-formal training providers, trainers, Assessors and Programs for preparing them for accreditation process.

The TVET Commission will oversee four (5) major functions of the non-formal vocation training system as outline in the chart below namely: Registration and Accreditation, Trainer/Assessor qualification, Assessment and Certification, NOSS and Curriculum Development and Research and Development.


TVET commission mandate:

The TVET commission mandate is to effectively oversee and steer the activities of non-formal vocational training under the auspices of MoLSA until such a time that the  ANQA is established to properly manage and coordinate overall TVET activities in Afghanistan. 

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