The overall objective of the Directorate General Skills Development is to create a competent, motivated, adaptable, and innovative workforce in Afghanistan, which will contribute to poverty reduction and social and economic development. The GDSD aims to build this workforce through facilitating demand‐driven, high-quality non-formal TVET that is relevant to all sectors of the economy, at all levels, and accessible to all people(men and women).

The specific objectives of the strategy are:

  • To provide an integrated Platform for all stakeholders for providing non-formal technical vocational and educational training (TVET);
  • Coordinate and oversight TVET provided by the public institution, NGOs and private sectors;
  • Steer TVET providers towards the actual needs of all population groups, including the most vulnerable to exclusion.
  • Orient the TVET system to provide skills for the occupations in all segments of the labour market, building a system for standardized qualifications and learning recognition.
  • Develop a financial system that ensures the sustainability of demand‐driven TVET programmes for all.

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